Some Background regarding Creston Annexation

The Creston subdivision, originally consisting of 144 homes, had Los Altos addresses, despite being actually in unincorporated Santa Clara County. The plan, according to early residents, was that Creston would eventually become part of the city of Los Altos. However, in the early 1980s, the city of Cupertino petitioned LAFCO and had Creston moved into Cupertino's "sphere of influence" without the knowledge...much less the agreement...of Creston homeowners. Cupertino then attempted to annex Creston against the expressed wish of 95% of our households. It was only the prolonged, active political and legal action taken by our Association, with the commitment and involvement of the majority of Creston homeowners, that prevented that annexation from taking place, leaving Creston as an unincorporated County pocket.

Following that unsuccessful effort to annex ALL of Creston, Cupertino has taken the following steps to achieve their goal one home at a time:

1. Cupertino annexed a narrow path along Foothill Expressway and along the railroad track, to "surround Creston with Cupertino land," however narrow the Cupertino land strips.

2. Cupertino forged an agreement with Santa Clara County to annex any Creston home which is (a) contiguous to any parcel of Cupertino land or (b) seeking building permits to change 50% or more of the original structure. To date, six Creston homes have been annexed to Cupertino as a result of this agreement.

NOTE: Cupertino has agreed to rescind annexation of any homes so annexed if Creston becomes annexed to Los Altos.

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Read an old 1999 story dealing with eventualities and interim measures devolving from possible annexation of Creston to Cupertino, Los Altos, or neither, is here. The newspaper text is also reproduced here. Actions by City of Cupertino which go beyond what is outlined in this story are not known to be under consideration.

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