From: Creston Improvement Association
Date: 2015-6-02

Read this web summary page, for jumping off to the Recology site, gathering here many of their important links.

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These tables get you into various services at the Recology site.

garbage, debris box, hazardous waste, electronic waste, botanicals



or particular


Garbage, debris box, hazardous waste, electronic waste,

plus botanicals

Yard Compost & Mulch for home gardeners

unincorporated areas

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(408) 970-5100

Fax Number:(408) 588-1102

General Manager:
Kevin Chiapello



(408) 588-7200


Recology at email :


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Recology South Bay, 650 Martin Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050 (408) 588-7200

unincorporated areas garbage-compost

On-Call Pick-Up Program Details


Households can select two days per year.

Each on-call collection allows the Residential Service Recipient to schedule pick up for any one of the following:
  • Garbage
  • Construction and Demolition Debris
  • Bulky Goods
  • Compostable Materials and clean wood waste


(408) 862-2667

Phone Recology for up to two pick-ups FREE annually. Any more special pickup days scheduled in the same year period will to be charged a fee as may be agreed for the circumstances.

On-Call Pick-Up Program Details


  • All items must fit within an 8-foot long, 4-foot wide and 4-foot high area and be placed curbside/roadside no later than 7 am

  • Single items, bags, bundles or boxes cannot weigh more than 50 pounds each, and must be manageable by one person.

  • No pressure treated wood, such as railroad ties 

Construction and Demolition

  • All debris must be in containers

  • Individual boxes not weighing more than 40 pounds

  • Total weight not to exceed 250 pounds

Bulky Goods - Limit of 3 per clean-up including:

  • White goods (appliances) includes refrigerators and air conditioners which could contain Freon

  • Computer monitors and television sets

  • Worn and damaged furniture

  • No items with oil, diesel, or gasoline

  • To recycle TVs or computer monitors yourself please contact the City of Cupertino Computer Recycling Programs at (408) 862-2667, provided by Apple Computer's recycling facility

Compostable Materials and Wood Waste

  • Clean unpainted and untreated wood must be neatly stacked, boxed or in a trash can and cannot weigh more than 50 pounds

  • Branches must be less than 6-inches in diameter bundled, boxed or in a trash can and cannot weigh more than 50 pounds

  • No stumps, poison oak, or bug infested material accepted

  • No loose piles or plastic bags will be collected

  • No pressure treated wood, such as railroad ties






1. Cardboard: to fit inside cart with lid closed.

2. Mixed papers: Newspapers, phone books, magazines, junk mail,catalogs, paper dishware, paper towels, cereal cartons, washed milk or juice boxes.

3. Containers: Glass, plastic containers (#1 - #7), aluminum cans.

4. MIscellaneous: Molded stiff-foam polystyrene or Styrofoam

packaging stabilizer, as used for computer component shipment,

can be broken to size, then placed in clear plastic bags before placing in recycling cart. (Do not recycle polystyrene shipping "peanuts".)


1. Food contaminated packaging.

2. Garden Hoses, plastic toys, PVC piping.

3. Paper towels, napkins, facial tissues.

4. Bubble and plastic wrap, and Styrofoam "peanuts". Put this

material in plastic bags, then place in household garbage cans.

5. Unmarked plastics (without the #1 - #7) recycling symbol)


Yard Clippings



Excluded:, dirt, rock, ashes, sod, asphalt, ice plant, cactus, poison ivy,

palm fronds, fruit and vegetables, tree trunks, branches over 3 feet

long or three-eights inch thick. Weight not to exceed 150 lbs.

Recology can't help with what follows .


Trees, Oak Trees

Sudden Oak Death

paraphrase: "... a cocktail of the fungicide AgriFos sprayed with the surfectant Pentra-Bark is the only known treatment for Sudden Oak Death. It can prevent infection but not cure sick trees. November is the best month to spray ...."

-- Los Altos Town Crier on Sudden Oak Death

See also Santa Clara County, Dept Agriculture on SOD