Creston’s Annual Meeting

We will have our annual meeting on June 11 at 22181 Alderney Ct. in the backyard at 7 p.m.. This will be an opportunity for you to meet your new officers, bring up any concerns you might have. Refreshments will be provided.

The Agenda will include:

Introduction of officers

Prior meeting minutes

Treasurer’s report

Report on last year’s party

Proposals from Neighbors

2014 party plan, date

Neighborhood Watch

Election Results

Many thanks to those of you who took the time to vote for our new and returning officers:

President: Lesley Reid

Vice President: Jack Truher

Secretary: Manju Rao

Treasurer: Al Holstein

Walking tips: Now that it’s warm, people will be out walking. It is recommended by Gary (Mr.Roadshow) Richards that you walk facing traffic so that you can take evasive action if a car does not see you. Wearing white or reflective material at night is highly recommended in our neighborhood.

Check out our website:

We have recommendations for a number of things ranging from contractors, gardeners, photographers, plumbers, etc.

We are adding a reading consultant who lives near the end of Creston. Lynne Hanson has been teaching/tutoring reading for decades with great success. You can view her contact information at

Also in the world of academia, we also have a long time Creston resident, Genevieve Deppong who tutors math. You can contact her at 408-738-0990. She taught middle school science and math.

Please be neighborly.

Don’t let your dog pee or poop in other neighbor’s yards. Pat Musachia (in her walking days) would carry bags to clean up after her dogs as well as water for them. If you are interested in finding out how to give your loved dog water from a sport bottle, contact her at She can show you.

Creston E-Mails If you are not getting our e-mails, let Pat Musachia know at and she will add you to our distribution. The advantages of getting them are notices of meetings, lost/found animals, wildlife sightings, sheriff reports and many other items of interest to the neighbors that can’t wait for a newsletter.

Rotating Dinner Party?

Are you interested in getting to know your neighbors and eating good food? How about a Rotating Dinner Party? Homes would volunteer to host a main dish, dessert, appetizers, drinks, etc. Neighbors would walk house to house (maybe for 20 min. per house) and get to know one another while enjoying the food. Please let Lesley know if you are interested.

Home Security

Emergency Professionals emphasize that citizen training for emergencies is important. Because of our low levels of crime locally, then police and fire are very lightly staffed for emergencies. We are being told that we could be "on your own" for hours or even days after the event you never thought could happen.

Our V.Pres. Jack Truher has been attending training sessions, given by the Los Altos Community Foundation. Six or eight sessions of three hours each cover the basics for interacting with first responders: police, fire, county, FEMA and medical. Neighborhood Watch is covered in one of the sessions. Emergencies only happen when they happen to you. Teenages may also be eligible. Anyone from Crestion who is interested can contact:

Neighborhood Watch

Many thanks to our Section Captains, who are your nearby neighbor Facilitators and Points of Contact for any concerns that might compromise your family's personal security at home. There are different approaches to these issues. Many cheers for those who are continuing with this important service. Our roughly 130 home are sectioned into increments of a dozen or more homes each. Only about 2/3rd of homes have Captains. Jack Truher is trying to cover for the homes without Captains. He could use some help.

Creston Dues

If you still have not paid your dues, please do. Pat (22180 Alderney Ct.) still has a box at her door or Kitty Wilson at 22433 Ainsworth. It’s a nominal $10. This maintains our association as a legal domestic nonprofit organization. Or you can give your dues to our treasurer, Al Holstein at 10570 Creston. Please make your check out to the Creston Improvement Association.