Our new officers have been elected. We met already in a transition meeting which included discussions on improvements in the Association. Some comments from neighbors were addressed and will be followed up on. I look forward to serving as your president, and hope to bring even more cohesiveness to our already wonderful neighborhood. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, concerns or questions.

Lesley Reid

Lesley Reid

Crimes Reported in Los Altos, just across Highway 280 from Creston.

On a recent email Notice, Pat Musachia discussed mail theft across 280 from us.

There have been home invasion robberies in that area, as well . Our Neighborhood Watch program will remind us of ways to stay alert against possible crimes here. With Creston's good fortune (so far) against crime, we're going to keep it that way. is another communications tool for about twenty from Creston who have already joined this local social group. As word gets around, there will be more interest locally.

If you have something to sell locally, Nextdoor has sections for classified, free items, and lost and found. You can choose whether to participate with just our 150 household from our local Creston area only, or expand your contacts to hundreds more in nearby neighborhoods.

Major cities have announced partnership with Nextdoor: Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis. Lots more small cities like Mill Valley.

The sheriff’s office has announced that they will be using Nextdoor as means of communicating with residents on manners of interest.

You can sign up Nextdoor with Al Holstein at or get membership online. Al will admit only households in our area, either way.

The Board has adopted a Policy

on Privacy, Conflict of Interest, Transparency

The policy begins that,

"PRIVACY FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION is a primary consideration. Use of any names in the Association data base will be protected against any exploitation or misuse. "

The policy confirms our commitment to assure privacy of residents, and to conduct activities of the Association consistent with reasonably assumed expectations of the residents. The policy can be amended by the Board.

Dues $$$

Our annual $10 dues is asked for now. Please help the Creston Improvement Association. Your dues maintain your Association as a legal domestic nonprofit organization. Mail your dues directly to our new treasurer, Al Holstein at 10570 Creston Dr. or drop them off to Pat Musachia at 22180 Alderney Ct. (and pick up lemons if they are available). You can also leave dues payment at Kitty Wilson’s home at 22433 Ainsworth Dr.


(1) Recruit volunteer for Stevens Creek School (helping in the classroom, yard duty), (2) speed bumps on the more highly traveled roads? and (3) facilitate “interest-groups": woodworking, gardening, book club, etc.

Secretary Manju Rao

I am excited to be elected as the Secretary of the Creston board. I look forward to working with rest of the board members. You can reach me at

I trust also you will meet my wife, Vartika Agarwal, and our 9 year old daughter (Tanmayi) and 7 year old son (Satvik) .

We moved to Creston neighborhood in October last year. Our kids go to Steven's Creek Elementary for the last couple of years. We have moved all over - from India -> US (several states) -> India (2 years) -> and now are back in the bay area. I have had a long career in program management working across several continents. I now work in a startup in Palo Alto in Big-Data technology.

Prior to that I was with Yahoo! in the Cloud Computing organization and before that with Motorola. In my free time, I am a fan of North Indian classical music and play tabla. I also enjoy traveling and movies. I am excited to be part of the Creston community and looking forward to knowing and working with the community.

Meet Your Creston Neighbors

Dave, Sue, Chris and Tim Kelly

Late last October, Dave, Sue, Chris and Tim Kelly moved to Creston Drive. The Kellys previously lived in Mason, OH, near Cincinnati, for over twenty years, with two years (1999-2001) in Hamburg, Germany.

Dave grew up in Denver and Colorado Springs, and Sue grew up just south of Chicago. They met at Purdue University, where Dave received both his

BS and Masters in mechanical engineering, while Sue received her BA in elementary education.

Dave worked in Cincinnati at Ethicon (a division of Johnson and Johnson) for 22 years designing medical instruments, and has now been working in Fremont at Cordis (another division of J & J) since last July. Sue was a stay-home-mom with their 4 kids while they were young, volunteering at school and church. For the last eight years she has also worked as a school aide and substitute teacher.

Their oldest two children stayed back in Ohio when the rest of the family moved to CA. Brendan (21 yrs.) is completing his undergraduate studies at Miami University this spring, majoring in bio-chemistry, with minors in molecular biology, Spanish and art. He plans on attending Ohio State University to continue with a master’s degree in food science. Trisha (20 yrs.) is finishing her second year at Miami University, studying early childhood education. She will be transferring to University of Cincinnati in the fall to continue her studies.

Christopher (17 yrs.) and Tim (15 yrs.) both attend St. Francis High School in Mountain View. Chris is a senior and plans to return to OH in the fall to attend the University of Cincinnati, majoring in business/accounting. He can be seen enjoying the CA lifestyle in his white Mustang convertible. Tim is a freshman and has found his place here by joining the cross country and volleyball teams at St. Francis. He also keeps very busy working out and competing with the Sol Jumper Jump Rope Team out of Santa Clara. . . a sport he has participated in for 7 years.

The Kellys are glad to be in Los Altos to be close to Dave’s mom, who moved here 2 years ago, and his older brother, who has lived here since his Stanford days in the 70’s. Dave and Sue have met lots of new neighbors walking by, and look forward to meeting many more as they make Creston Dr. their new home.

Pet Death/Wild Animals

We had a recent death of a loved pet on Creston Drive. Be aware that there are wild animals along the creek and elsewhere in the neighborhood who like to roam, particularly at night. It’s safer for our loved pets to stay inside at night.

Pet Cleanup

A request has been made to please clean up after your pets when walking them. Carry a plastic bag with you. It’s the neighborly thing to do.


We have a number of pests in our yards that can create health issues as well as a general mess. Rats live in ivy, wood piles, and debris piles. Pat Musachia found a mummified rat in some stored material in her shed. Don’t leave food or water out for the critters, clean up hiding places in yards. Other pests are gophers and moles. They can destroy yards, eat plant roots, disrupt watering systems with their tunnels and make walking in your yard hazardous. We would love to pass on ideas on how to combat these little rodents without risking poisoning our pets.

Creston E-Mails

If you are not getting our e-mails, let Pat Musachia know at so that

Pat will add you to our distribution.

The advantages of getting Creston Notices are to learn of local meetings, lost/found animals, wildlife sightings, sheriff reports and many other items of interest to the neighbors that can’t wait for a newsletter.

Creston Newsletter/Website

Find this newsletter on our website

in addition to this hard copy that you can share with your family. Help us update the Services referral section on our website. If you see any out-of-date items, please let us know.

Treasurer : Al Holstein

Al and Jan Holstein have lived on Creston almost 37 years. They raised two daughters here- one is a mom in Rocklin Ca. and the other teaches art and art history AP in Long Beach. Al retired from Syntex/Roche Palo Alto as an analytical chemist and QA manager in 2010. He does woodworking and contracts with pharmaceutical development companies.

Meet Your Creston Neighbors

Bimal, Devika and Revan Aponso

The Aponsos moved to Hartman Drive in Creston in July of 2008. They moved up to the Bay Area from Southern California in 2007 when Bimal joined NASA Ames Research Center to manage their flight and air-traffic control simulation facilities. Prior to their move to the Bay Area, Bimal worked for an engineering company in Hawthorne, CA, doing research and development work in aircraft flight control for the major aerospace companies and the Government. Devika worked in Software Development and Management for an integrated ticketing solutions company before giving up work to become a full time Mom. They lived in Rancho Palos Verdes in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

Bimal and Devika were both born in Colombo, Sri Lanka and came to the US for College. Bimal to the University of Maryland in College Park to pursue studies in Aerospace Engineering and Devika to the University of California in Irvine for a degree in Computer Science. Bimal also has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester in Manchester, England and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Revan is currently a 6th grader at Kennedy Middle School. He went to the Pinewood School in Los Altos from grades 1 to 5 and is adjusting well to a school 10 times bigger than his previous one! He loves playing basketball and piano and just started training for his 2nd Triathlon.

The Aponsos enjoy music, movies, board games, cooking and traveling. They go back to Sri Lanka often to visit family and friends.

Do you enjoy reading “Meet Your Creston Neighbors”. Are there neighbors who have interesting lives out there that we could highlight in future Newsletters? Do you have story to share? All write-ups will be edited by those persons featured before we release the Newsletter.

Los Altos Block Action Training

The Los Altos Community Center offers a relatively new program for Neighborhood Training on Emergency Planning, Earthquake, Paramedic Basics, etc. Neighborhood Watch is one element of the BAT program.

Block Action Training (BAT) provide free training, perhaps even to teenagers. All ages invited. Contact Jack Truher with interest on this new opportunity. Jack is exploring these new options. There is a time commitment. All the good work by Pat Musachia and our Neighborhood Watch Captains has put Creston ahead of the game. We know who lives here, in detail, and that is the hard part.

Jack Truher, vice Pres.

Creston web site

Creston google group!forum/creston-ca

Neighborhood Watch

Block Action Training

Find some Newsletter archives now at :

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