The Board has adopted a Policy, long a Practice, on

Privacy, Conflict of Interest, Transparency

The policy begins that,

"PRIVACY FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION is a primary consideration. Use of any names for the Association data base will be protected against any exploitation or misuse. "

Methods are detailed to assure privacy of residents, and to conduct activities of the Association consistent with reasonably assumed expectations of the residents.

The policy can be amended by the Board. It is available at:

[ ]

Suggestions from residents for policy improvements are always welcomed.

Creston Improvement Association

A California Domestic Nonprofit Corporation


(Ratification, January 2008)

Name & Location

Section 1. Name: The name of this organization is the Creston Improvement Association. It is registered as California Domestic Nonprofit Corporation # CO 322766.

Section 2. Location: The Creston Improvement Association represents and is comprised of homeowners and residents in the unincorporated Tracts #1180 & 1456 of Santa Clara County, California known as "Creston". Its official address and mailing address shall be that of the President.

Article II


Objectives: The objective of the Creston Improvement Association is to provide Creston homeowners and residents with effective neighborhood-wide communication and organization, as well as a collective public voice, on issues affecting those who live and own homes here. The Association's goal is to safeguard the best interests of the membership and neighborhood.

Article III


Section 1. Eligibility: Membership is by household. Membership in the Creston Improvement Association is open to any homeowner or home-renter in Creston.

Section 2. Annual Membership Meeting: A meeting of the general membership, open to all Creston residents, will be held annually. Advance notice of the date, time and location of this Annual Meeting, as well as of any particular issues on which membership input and vote is required, will be provided each household in writing.

Section 3. Votes: Each membership household is allowed one vote per adult, with a maximum of 2 votes per member household. Voting may be accomplished in person or by written ballot response.

Section 4. Quorum: 25% of the membership constitutes the necessary Quorum for authorizing action by the Association on matters requiring membership vote. Members may vote by in person attendance or by submitting written ballots, and either/both voting methods may satisfy the necessary quorum.

Article IV

Board of Directors

Members: The Board of Directors of the Creston Improvement Association shall consist of the officers or the organization, which are: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2. Term of Office: Officers shall hold office for a calendar year. Election of officers is by neighborhood-wide ballot and terms commence in January. No officer may hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

Section 3. Vacated Office: If an Office vacancy occurs, the Board of Directors shall appoint a replacement who will serve until the next election.

Section 4. Special Committees: The Board of Directors shall establish, as needed, special committees to address and handle specific tasks relevant to the concerns of the membership. Such committees may include, but are not limited to, the Association's website, newsletter, public agency hearing representation, neighborhood safety program, special events, etc. These committees may be ongoing (standing committees) or temporary (special project), as determined by the Board of Directors.

Article V


Section 1. Dues: Annual dues is $10 per household, payable at any time in the calendar year. Dues are collected by the Treasurer, and held in the Association's bank account.

Section 2. Payment Authorization: All checks issued by the Treasurer must be countersigned by the President or Vice President. Officers or members requesting reimbursement for authorized expenses must present the Treasurer with a documented receipt for the expenditure.

Section 3. Financial Accounts: The Creston Improvement Association shall keep its funds secure in the following accounts:

  1. Immediate Access Account: The Association will hold funds in a regular checking account with a local bank.
  2. Long Term Income-Generating Investment: When approved by the general membership, the Association may invest specifically designated funds in an interest-generating Certificate of Deposit. Any such investment must be authorized by the membership by written ballot.

Article VI

Duties of Officers

Section 1. President: The President of the Creston Improvement Association:

A. shall preside over the annual meeting of the Association membership, over

interim membership meetings which may occur, and over Board of Directors' meetings;

B. shall sign, with any other officer of the Association authorized by the Board of Directors any instruments that the Board has authorized to be executed;

C. shall represent Creston at meetings outside the neighborhood on behalf of the neighborhood's interests;

D. shall ensure that a record of all Creston households is maintained, which includes street addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses;

E. shall ensure that open, ongoing neighborhood-wide communication is maintained on issues affecting the membership;

F. shall recruit neighborhood volunteers, as necessary, for specific tasks and projects (special committees, webmaster, newsletter publication and circulation, etc.);

G. shall ensure that all new residents in Creston are welcomed and provided with full information on the Association and the neighborhood's history.

Section 2. Vice President: The Vice President of the Creston Improvement Association:

A. shall assist, or substitute for, the President, as needed, with any of the President's responsibilities;

B. shall assist with Association projects and business, as required.

Section 3. Secretary: The Secretary of the Creston Improvement Association:

A. shall prepare and distribute official Association correspondence as authorized by the Board of Directors;

B. shall take, and maintain on file, Minutes of all membership and Board meetings;

C. shall maintain files of Association's incoming and outgoing correspondence, as well as pertinent business documents, newspaper articles, and other publications or records as authorized by the Board of Directors;

D. may serve as editor/publisher of Association Newsletter.

Section 4. Treasurer: The Treasurer of the Creston Improvement Association:

A. shall be responsible for collecting and depositing, in the Association's bank accounts, all annual dues and funds of the organization, and shall maintain an ongoing Treasurer's Report for review by the Board of Directors and the membership;

B. shall file the annual report on this Domestic Nonprofit Corporation with the California Secretary of State, as required by law;

C. shall maintain a current record of the Association's paid membership;

D. shall issue payments as authorized by the Board of Directors, with checks countersigned as indicated in Section V (above).

Article VII

General Policies and Procedures

Section 1. Website: The Creston Improvement Association shall maintain a website through which members may obtain information and contact Association officers. The website's URL is . Access to the website is open and does not require a password. The Webmaster shall be recruited/appointed by the President.

Section 2. Newsletter: The Association publishes a printed Newsletter several times each year, which is distributed door-to-door throughout the neighborhood.

Section 3. Annual Party: The Association sponsors a neighborhood-wide potluck dinner/BBQ Street Party each year, in the late summer or early autumn. The Party promotes fellowship and offers residents an opportunity to meet and communicate easily with each other and with Association officers.

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