Listed below are some suggestions for neighbors beginning remodeling but can also be applied to large parties, yard sales or anything that may create a lot of noise, traffic or parking congestion.

Let the neighbors in your immediate area know what you are planning to do. Give your neighbors the start date and expected duration of your project.

Consider getting immediate neighborsı email addresses and phone numbers in case something important arises during the project which needs to be communicated to them.

Invite the neighbors to contact you directly about their concerns or questions.

Encourage your contractors to be considerate of the surrounding neighbors in terms of work schedules (i.e. early morning and weekend start times).

Until you complete your final re-landscaping, make an effort to keep up property appearance, particularly in the front yard (weeding, removing debris, etc.).

Zoning - Los Altos vs Cupertino

This page is an attempt to compare zoning rules for Los Altos and Cupertino. Since these rules are very complex, this page is only a rough comparison. For the actual regulations, visit the web sites for the two cities and look at those that concern you.

Cupertino's zoning looks to be fairly straightforward, having only one basic classification for residential single family parcels. Los Altos has three distinct classification based on lot size. For lots over 40,000 square feet, the classification is R1-40. For lots of 20,000 to 40,000 square feet, the classification is R1-20. For lots of 10,000 ot 20,000 square feet, it is R1-10. Lots of 4,000 to 9,000 square feet are residential-3 and treated as a subset of R1-10.


Code section 19.28.060
Lot Coverage: 45% Max
Floor Area Ratio: 45% for Single Story, 35% for 2 Story
-Front: 20 ft
-Side:5ft/10ft If the lot is less than 60ft wide and less than 6000 sq ft: 5ft/5ft

See and look under ZONING to find the actual codes.

Los Altos

(only R-10 and R-20 included here)

Annexation Policy: Code Section 14.02.060

R1-10 and Residential-3: Code section 14.06
Lot Coverage: 35% Single Story, 30% for 2 Story
-Front: 25'
-Side: 10'
-Rear: 25'

R1-20: Code section 14.10

Lot Coverage: 25% Max
-Front: 30'
-Side: 20'
-Rear: 35'

See and look under ZONING to find the actual codes.

Note that in most of these code sections, there are a number of exceptions to the general information listed here. Please read the code if you want real details.